Restorative Dentistry in Renton, WA

Improve your smile today with our dental restoration services. Dr. Jaji Dhaliwal leads our team and creates reliable solutions to dental problems that a simple reconstruction cannot fix. We use quality prosthetics and diagnostic equipment to improve everything from your smile to speaking ability.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a direct restorative dentistry procedure that involves putting a substance into a tooth cavity to prevent decay. Amalgam fillings are traditional with a mixture consisting of metals like silver, copper, and tin. They take on a silver-like appearance, and while they will effectively fill in a dental cavity, they are noticeable.

At 4th & Morris Dentistry, we offer composite fillings as a tooth-colored alternative to amalgam fillings. Some of their benefits include:

  • Natural Appearance: The filling matches the color of the surrounding teeth for a seamless appearance.
  • Durability: Composite dental fillings can last for years with good oral hygiene practices and regular dentist visits.
  • Improved Oral Health: The treatment works well as a preventative measure against further tooth decay.

Dental Crowns

Our office also installs dental crowns to protect damaged or decayed teeth. It’s one of our best treatment options to restore a tooth’s function while preserving as much of it as possible. With crowns, you can bite, chew, and smile without worry.

A dental crown is a cap that sits over the defective tooth above the gumline. The cap mimics the look and color of your natural teeth, improving your appearance. You may require dental crown services if you:

  • Need to protect a weak tooth
  • Have a broken or severely worn tooth
  • Need to cover severely misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Save a decaying tooth that can’t support a composite filling

Patients can receive a dental crown consisting of metal, porcelain, or resin. We can install temporary caps until your custom-made tooth is ready. After we prepare your permanent crown, we will bond it into place to keep it secure.

Dental Implant Restoration

When you lose a tooth, you also lose the root, which can cause problems over time. Depending on the location of the missing tooth or teeth, it's possible to develop bone deterioration in your jawline or shifting of your remaining teeth.

A dental implant consists of a small, screw-like titanium post that is surgically placed below the gums to act as a replacement root. Once the tissues and bone fuse to the implant, an abutment will connect the post to the artificial tooth. The result is a mouth full of beautiful teeth, improved speech, and a stronger bite.

Occasionally dental implants require maintenance in order to remain effective. Our office is happy to assist in dental implant restoration to keep your smile functioning properly.

4th & Morris Dentistry is the leading provider of restorative dentistry in Renton, WA. Our highly skilled team offers various services to improve the look and functionality of your teeth. Call 425-226-6227 today to book your appointment.

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