General Dentistry in Renton, WA

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Healthy, beautiful teeth not only make people more confident; they also improve overall wellness. At 4th & Morris Dentistry, Dr. Jaji Dhaliwal and her team combine the latest technology with years of experience to provide adults and children in Renton, WA, with outstanding general dentistry.

Dental Cleanings and Examinations

Making regular visits to your family dentist for teeth cleanings and examinations is key to staying healthy. Cleanings can help avoid the damaging buildup that encourages tooth decay and gum disease. Spotting decay before it becomes serious minimizes the work necessary to correct it.

During cleanings and examinations, our team will:

  • Remove plaque and tartar from the gumline
  • Check gums and surrounding tissue for infections or disease
  • Inspect for tooth decay
  • Advise and reinforce good dental habits

Other Preventative Care

In addition to cleanings and examinations, our team offers these services:

  • Sealants fill in the grooves of back teeth to protect against the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Fluoride coats the surfaces of the teeth, strengthening them and providing relief from hypersensitivity.

Cavity Repair

Dr. Dhaliwal repairs cavities using compounds of plastic and ceramic that provide the strength teeth need while precisely matching their color.

There are two types of fillings:

  • Direct fillings are for simple cases and require only one visit.
  • Indirect fillings use custom-made veneers or inlays. Patients will need two or more visits to complete this treatment.

Oral Health Consultation

During an oral health consultation, patients can ask questions about their oral health and learn tips on how to improve their dental outcomes. Our hygienists can demonstrate ways to optimize your brushing and flossing routines. Information about the latest in-home dental care equipment is also available during these consultations.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Dhaliwal can recognize signs of oral cancer that patients cannot see, allowing for timely and possibly life-saving treatment. Schedule one today for peace of mind.

Dental Care for Children

Bringing children to the family dentist from an early age and making them familiar and comfortable with dental cleanings and examinations is very important. Dr. Dhaliwal ensures baby teeth stay in optimal condition and that by the time the adult teeth arrive, the child will have established a lifelong habit of proper oral care.

Dr. Dhaliwal and her team at 4th & Morris Dentistry work hard to keep patients’ teeth healthy in Renton, WA.

We care about our patients and are proud that they trust us with their family dentistry.

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